07 February, 2010

a better way to promote your business

Safety Magnets are custom promotional refrigerator magnets that have important and potentially life-saving information. They are a great custom promotional item for businesses - much more appreciated and less likely to be thrown away than the more typical sports schedule, calendar magnets or other promotional products. Safety Magnets promote by combining your business or organization’s logo, contact information, or business card with clear, easy, and meaningful directions for what to do in common medical emergencies (CPR, Choking, etc.) - now that's a message that's not likely to get thrown away.

Simply peel back the adhesive layer and add your business card. Magnetic back-side allows it to stick to a refrigerator, file or medicine cabinet, or anything metallic.

Do you want 50 free magnets? All you have to do is purchase 100 or more business card magnets. You can choose from Heart Attack and Stroke Warning Signs and CPR Steps Business Card Magnets. This is Safety Magnets Offer for this February's American Heart Month. What better way to promote your business than Safety Magnet's Heart Attack & Stroke Warning Signs -or- CPR Steps Peel and Stick Business Card Magnets, right? Not to mention the additional free magnets. And yes, FREE customization is available for orders of 100 magnets or more.

Safety Magnets customers include insurance agents, real estate agents, fire departments, urgent care centers, family health centers, elder care centers, and more. Check out the customer testimonials page to view customer feedbacks and some samples of magnets created for them as well.

To choose the right design for your business, do visit Safety Magnets store today!


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