12 February, 2010

i will never buy PLDT stocks!

I am fuming mad right now...this very minute! I am very annoyed and I am trying to calm down because I don't want wrinkles. Who wants wrinkles, right? But who wants to get robbed and not be able to fight back or at the very least have the robbers return what they robbed from me. Yes people, I am getting robbed!

By who? Smart Communications! They are robbing a few pesos from me every single day. Just a few pesos, you say? A few pesos everyday will add up to thousands in a few days. I am not the only person using a Smart Bro wireless connection plug-in, I am 100% sure of it. A few pesos from thousands of users will add up to thousands and thousands of pesos directly to Smart's ever growing bank account.

I bought a Smart Bro prepaid internet plug-in months ago. I use it to go online while waiting for my son finish swim training. Most of the time, there is no signal. Can you believe 0.00 kbps! But they still deduct 10pesos from my account whether I connect for 1 minute or 30 minutes. As soon as the timer hits 31minutes, another 10 pesos is deducted. Whether I like it or not!

Why still keep using it? Because they are the best already compared with others. Most of the BEST in this country sucks! Consumers in this country, like me, can complain all we want. Nothing is protecting us from the claws of these big corporations who are taking advantage of the lack of government protection to consumers.

I will never, ever buy PLDT stocks! Or maybe I should. Smart Communications is owned by PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company). And...PLDT is even listed in NYSE. Hmmm. If the stocks went up, I can then get back some of the money that they robbed from me. Should I or shouldn't I? Decisions, decisions...


Phebie said...

me too I have experienced that one...I was really disappointed when I got to know the reason why they have to deduct it that way well in fact I haven't got connected....tsk tsk tsk...too bad!

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