13 July, 2012

A Good Person Named Dolphy

I thought I knew a lot about my Papa's childhood, not until Dolphy was hospitalized a few weeks back. For the benefit of those who doesn't know who Dolphy is, he is the King of Comedy in the Philippines.

My Papa actually looked worried when he asked, two Saturdays ago if I'm not mistaken, if the morning breaking news that we're watching was about Dolphy. He then told us his personal experience of how good a person Dolphy was. And Fernando Poe as well.

When he was in high school, him, his brothers and my Lolo lived in the city of Manila. Their place was just across the street, or was it beside?, the place where Dolphy, Fernando Poe and other big stars at that time rehearse (fight scenes, drama scenes etc) for their movies.

My dad apparently worked as a cigarette boy at night, first time I heard of him working while still at school, to save for his next day's school allowance. Dolphy always buy something from him, cigarette or candies, but doesn't get what he bought so my Papa can still sell it to someone else. “Here Lito, sell these candies again (or whatever he bought) so you’ll have more allowance.”


Based on my Papa’s story, those talks on television after Dolphy’s death, that he helped a lot of people and him being a good person, were actually true.

I want to buy a Dolphy memorabilia shirt for my Papa . I hope I can find some custom t-shirts online, like those being sold at Heritage Park.


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