13 July, 2012

How rude can you get

So I gained a few pounds during our one month vacation in the province. Yes, only a blind person would not notice that I did put on some weight. But my clothes still fit me well and I don't need plus size dresses yet. Some people though can be so rude! Funny thing is, they don't even realize that they've done something very rude already.

The bus mother from my son's previous school service said, "Ma'am, you're so fat!" She could have "lighten the blow" by saying, "Did you gain weight Ma'am?" I so wanted to tell her, "This is better. At least I don't look sick and ugly like some people I know." She's very thin and looks like she hasn't eaten in months. But I didn't say that of course, I instead said, "Yes, I ate a lot during my vacation in the province during school break."

weight gain

She was so different from a friend who was even hesitant to admit that I gained weight when I blurted out one time we were talking, "I got fat during the summer break." She just nodded her head with a shy smile.
You can tell what group in the society a person belongs to with the words that comes out of one's mouth.


Mrs. Kolca said...

Me too! I gained weight uli at noticeable talaga sa arms ko. Huhuhu.

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