08 May, 2012

Are you cheap or frugal

I'm a frugal person and I'm proud to be one. I value the quality of everything that I buy because money doesn't grow on trees, right? I make sure that I set aside a portion of what I earn every month. Sometimes I put it in my savings account and sometimes add it to my stock market investment.


Every time I go grocery shopping, I bring a list of things that I need and don't just grab anything that I fancy from the shelves. I compare the price and quality of different brands. I don't exactly buy the cheapest and not the most expensive either. Expensive doesn't necessarily mean the best and cheap doesn't necessarily mean the best value.

So I'm frugal but I'm not cheap. Like for clothes, appliances or furnitures, I don't go for the brand but I go for the quality. If for example I buy audio racks, I won't buy the cheapest if it looks like it's made of low quality material. If it's the most expensive but looks like it's worth the price, that's what I'll buy. I prefer buying expensive clothes because it lasts longer than cheap clothes made with cheap material.


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