08 May, 2012

It's More Hot in the Philippines

Some people loves to bask under the heat of the sun. Not me. And I'm not loving this summer heat we're experiencing right now. The humidity level has also increased tremendously since the start of the summer season. I have to take a bath 10 times every day! I can't wait for the rainy days.

Swimming pool owners must be the happiest, not to say more rich, these days. They get to save on electricity since they don't need to turn on their pool heater. Aside from that, resorts are always fully booked these days so their cash registers are always full-to-the-brim-with-cash as well.

But I'm not a resort owner, I don't get as rich as them during summer months, so I'm not the happiest during summer season. I already said it and I'm saying it again, I can hardly wait for the rainy season.


SpendWell said...

there's a resort that's surrounded by nature and seated atop a hill in baras, rizal. that ain't that far away from manila. try punta de fabian.

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