14 April, 2012


Guest post by Lewis Beck

One of my absolute favorite parts of living in Texas is that it seems like everywhere you look there is somewhere to volunteer. Maybe it’s like that everywhere and I just don’t know as a native Texan, but I feel like Texans have some of the biggest hearts of anyone. My husband and I, for instance, are very involved in a ministry at our church that helps people struggling financially get back on their feet. It’s incredibly rewarding. We help them catch up on their bills, or we help them create a workable budget for their family, or sometimes help locate more affordable housing for them, etc. It’s amazing how little investment it takes to reap such a huge reward for some of these people. One of the greatest things I’ve been able to help many of them do is save money on their energy bills. We all obviously spend a lot of money in that area, and we are fortunate living in Texas to be able to select energy providers based on who can give us the cheapest rate. We guide the people we help to check out electricity rand select the rates best provider for them based on their rates, and it makes a huge difference.


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