25 February, 2012

Driving lessons

I got behind the wheel again today. This time the car I used was automatic. Last time I drove a car was about more than 5 years ago during my driving lessons. I drove a manual car then, that's the reason why I didn't try driving again after I'm done with my driving lessons. Driving a manual car was so hard.

driving lessons

But this time, I really need to get a car and a license. My son has not been training with his schools swim team for 2 years already. And that's because no school service would like to make a special trip to bring him home after swim practice. So next school year, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have the courage to drive him to and from school, at least.


ladymishel said...

best of luck to your driving lessons :) Speaking of driving lessons I'm also starting tomorrow. I just got my student license last Friday so good luck not just to me but also to my instructor 'cause I'm totally clueless hehehe

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