25 February, 2012

The Best Exercise

So I found a way to exercise on my free time, without getting a gym membership or buying an exercise machine. As soon as the bus service picks up my son for school at around 620 in the morning, I climb the stairs (in our condominium building) all the way to the 20th floor, the pool area. I can do 40 to 60 flights of stairs for 40 minutes. So far, I lost a little bit of weight during the 3 weeks that I've been doing that.

climb stairs

Last night I tried exercising on the stairs around 7pm. The pool area was full of cigarette smoke and I saw someone smoking a cigar. Next time, I'll stick to climbing to the pool area in the morning so I can inhale unpolluted air.


Les said...

My hubby keeps on pushing me to exercise using our stairs at home. I think I need to heed his advice :)

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