19 December, 2011

Ironing day

Sunday night, right after I tuck RJ to bed and he's already sound asleep, is when I iron all the newly washed clothes needed for that week. I used to iron our clothes as-needed. But because of the high electric rate, ridiculously high compared with other Asian countries, I now try to iron our clothes once a week. I have this foldable ironing board, as huge and look like a snow board, that fits well on the side of the cabinet in our small condominium space.


There's no significant decrease in our electric bill but a few peso decrease is good enough saving that can be used for the next month's utilities.


Super Social WAHM said...

ironing is my favorite chore next to washing dishes. but these days since I started working at home, i seldom get to iron our clothes. we are literally a "wash and wear" family :) I am a new follower. Please follow my blogs Super Social WAHM and Mom Blog

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