30 November, 2011

picture memories

I was browsing the files on an old USB and saw some pictures of RJ when he was still a toddler. I’m glad I saved those because his baby pictures got erased when my sister P reformatted an old PC, good thing I printed out some baby pictures of RJ already before she deleted everything. Sad that I was only able to print a handful.

epson projector

Back to his toddler pictures. I can’t believe how small he was then! I was comparing his pictures then and now, looks the same and different at the same time. Physically, his facial feature all looks the same but he has grown taller and thinner, he was a chubby little boy. If I only have a Genie, I’ll ask for a very high-end projector right this very minute. To view a slideshow of all the pictures, chronologically, will most definitely bring more tears to my eyes.


Hyanne said...

Baby pictures are treasure mabuti na rin ate at may nprint kasi kung wala., sayang.

Hopeful said...

This is a good gadget especially for viewing photos. Magkaano kya 'to?

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