28 December, 2011

cough and allergy season

December is not just Christmas season on my side of the world. It is also the time when cough, cold and allergies zap out the energy out of even the most energetic people. If you already have the symptoms, here are some ways to zap them out of your system right away.

- Visit your doctor at the first sign of symptoms.
- Gargle with salt water to sooth sore throat.
- Double up your dose of vitamin C.
- Drink plenty of fluids.
- Eat more fruits and vegetables.
- Avoid sweet and cold food.
- Keep warm.
- Get at least 8 hours of sleep.
- Rest, rest and more rest.

cough cold allergy season

To prevent the spread to people around you

- Always cover you mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough.
- Avoid crowded places and too much contact with people.
- Wash hands frequently with soap and water.


tatess said...

December is one of my problem month too .My son was having cough and cold for weeks and i brought him to the doctor.I was hoping it was not asthma but the doctor just confirmed it.Too cold and too hot weather is not good for him.proper care and nutrition is all we needed during this season.

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