03 November, 2011

Too much books, too little space

This is my brown for the week. Our overflowing bookshelf.


When we transferred to this new house, we already left one overflowing bookshelf in the other house. I now again need to buy another bookshelf. RJ has so many books. I stopped buying when I discovered iBooks but RJ's collection is growing everyday! The downside of having a son who is a voracious reader, books these days aren’t cheap. Last week alone, I bought 4 books for him. Can't say no since I am a book addict as well.

I don’t always buy books that he wont learn something from. Comic books and magazines, maybe once a month. But books that are informative, I don’t hesitate to buy him those.

Back to the bookshelf, I don’t think another one will fit inside our 1 bedroom condominium unit. Unless I give away our dining and living room furniture, we can fit around 5 or more bookshelves in the living and dining room area.

I guess I just need to let go some of the books.



Rovie said...

He is surely a smart kid!

Visiting for Thursday Brownies and also following you... Hope you can visit and follow back...


Thanks so much!

gagay said...

andami talaga!hehehe

hopping from Thursday Brownies! here's my entry, see yah there!

Mirage said...

My one hope is to have a library at home! ^_^ I have a shelf that my son calls, Mirage Library lol! Thanks for joining Brownies!

wifetoalineman02 said...

what a great reader :-) keep it up, just hide the old books and display the new books, that way Mommy you have space :-) visiting for Thursday Brownies, hope that you can visit me back too


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