04 November, 2011

Lesson learned

My niece’s former nanny texted me this morning. She’s asking if she can borrow a few hundreds. I would gladly give her some money but she’s asking me to send it via Smart Padala. I told her I can’t go out of the house since my son is just recuperating from stomach flu. And I don’t know where to look for a Smart Padala in our area.

At such a young age, barely even 25, she’s already a mom to two young kids. When she last visited us, she told my sister - her former employer, that she should have listened to my sister’s advice.

When she was working for my sister, all she needs to do is bring my niece to school and household chores. She just sit around the whole afternoon doing nothing, not that she’s lazy but there’s really nothing else to do.


She got married at such a young age and now works hard for a measly 200 pesos per day at a catering company. She did learn her lesson, but it’s now too late to tell her “I told you so”. I sure hope and pray that everything turns out for the better, for her and her family.


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