03 November, 2011

Christmas 2011 Wish Number 1

I go for the simple things in life. Anything too extravagant -not my taste. This is especially true with the clothes that I have. Anything that can catch too much attention I definitely won’t buy.


That dress is on my Christmas wish list. Fashionable but simple. And I’m sure that design will hide the flaws around my tummy area. Although it's a bit big, I also love the clutch bag. Perfect combination.


Treasia said...

I love it.

Beauty Queen Gene said...

LOL at the cash drawer. i agree. but it looks perfect with the dress so what the heck right? i hope you get to your wish! ^^

Rcel said...

Thta's really nice! I love its simplicity and color. I go for simple outfits, too. :)

Was here for GT. I shared about my JLo's Crop Jacket Desire. :)

wifetoalineman02 said...

beautiful dress and cute purse, am sure you look sexy on it :-)visiting for Girls Talk, hope that you can visit me back too


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