04 November, 2011

Ten Ways to Love

Saw this on the wall of one of my Facebook friends.

ten ways to love

Number one is easy for me to do, it would be hard to understand what the other person is saying if I don’t give him/her a chance to speak also. Enjoy without complaint, can be done but not if it’s about something that I've paid so much and then turns out I’ve been duped. Like for example food that I already paid for that turned up to taste so bad.

Promise without forgetting is easier to do these days with the invention of gadget alarms (eg. cellular phone, iCalendar). Share without pretending, easy to do. Give without sparing on the other hand is really hard to do, what with the financial crisis that everyone is oh-so-well-aware of.

Trust without wavering? Speak without accusing? Answer without arguing? Forgive without punishing? It depends on the situation, for me anyway. What about you?


Joy said...

with #5, waaa ang hirap para sa akin :(

ChrisAir said...

the easiest to do is number 7

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

same here the #5 looks hard to do hehe

Anne said...

No.10 for me. Para naman mapatunayan na di totoo ang sabi sabi na promises are made to be broken.

Cecile said...

The hardest for me is #5....and I really need to work harder on this :-(

tatess said...

#1 ,listen without interrupting- lagi nagagalit si hubby sa akin kasi lagi kong napuputol sinasabi nya.kahit may sore throat na raw ako wala pa ring tigil ng kadadaldal.

Jenn said...

Hehehe... agree ako kay Ms. Joy, mahirap sa lahat yung #5. :)

mightyMAUx said...

#3 is not practical...haha!
#9 is unlawful.

I guess LOVE is really unfair. but LOVE is the fairest feeling this world can have and

#4 is my favorite! NICE BLOG!

Sorry for the late comment! Apologies.. -mau

Pinaywriter said...

Number one is the hardest for me.

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