02 November, 2011

How to delete archived posts on your computer

This is a guide on how to delete posts created using Windows Live Writer.

windows live writer

I have been using Windows Live Writer (aka WLW) for, more or less, a year already. I use it especially with my Blogger hosted blogs. There are days when blogger is very slow, sometimes it even hangs up. So to save myself from pulling my hair out of frustration, when that unfortunate thing happens, I use Windows Live Writer when I update my blogs.

Upon publishing a post, WLW saves a copy of the post in the computer. And it automatically gets saved on the blog as well. I don’t need two copies so I usually delete, after a few months, the saved posts in my computer.

Can’t find it?

1. Go to the My Documents folder
2. Click My Weblog Posts
3. You’ll see two folders : Drafts and Recent Posts
4. From there you can choose the posts, published or drafts, that you want to delete.


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