20 October, 2011

group buying deals addict

I again wasted my time looking at the hundreds of deals, just for today!, from different group buying sites. Because of my bad experience at Apricot Diner, buffet coupon bought at Metrodeal, I’ve since learned to research first before clicking the Buy Now button.
Buy Now Button I saw a huge discount on the Nikon DSLR camera that I’ve been wanting to buy. But since I recently bought a new camera, I have to restrain myself from clicking the buy button. I’ll just wait for next year or for the next super sale of DSLR cameras whichever happen first.

I still have 3 vouchers for a set dinner and 1 photobook voucher that I haven’t used yet.


Badet | The Misis Chronicles said...

I love discounts too so I scour the group buying sites for great deals.

Les said...

Group buying sites really give huge discounts, kaya lang halos sa Metro Manila lang. :(

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