29 May, 2011

MMT #2 - Mom-ME Time, 29 May 2011

I'm back online, I just had my ME-time! 

I didn't have to go far and didn't spend anything for my alone time today. In fact, I didn't even step out of the house. I spent my ME-time sleeping for more than an hour. I wasn't intending to sleep after lunch but my eyes felt so heavy already. I was planning to finish some work but I gave in and decided to get a few minutes of shuteye.

Did you have your well-deserved ME-time this week?

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melandria said...

it's really hard for a working mom to have a me time. i wish i can have long sleep too.

Chris said...

i can't remember when I last had an afternoon nap!!

by the way, it is my first time to join this week :)

genefaith said...

i love taking afternoon naps too! it's a way to recharge:)

Cee said...

I guess, no "me time" for me this week...So many things to do because school days are almost here.

Thanks for swinging by on my blog!

chubskulit said...

Hello manay, sowi late entry ko wahhh.. So busy kasi here..

anne said...

I had a long nap this afternoon and it is so good, its like you are releasing all the stress hehehe, mine is up for Mommy Me time please check thanks SAHM’s Online Diary

marriage markers said...

finally! i got to join ur meme before it closed. and finally, i had my me time. so harassed lately...and now back to being harassed as well. hehe take care! :D

Vhen said...

hi there, my first time to join this meme... :) im following you now,hope you follow back.. thanks!

Rossel said...

good sleep is the best me time for me as I seldom have one.
joined you this week, sis.

The Pepperrific Life said...

I wish I could sleep more than I do! I guess I just have so much on my mind, that I'm almost always up all night.

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