18 May, 2011

kitchen chair cushions

RJ has asked me, probably a million times already, to put cushions on our dining room chairs. He complains that his behind gets very painful with just a few minutes of sitting on the said chairs during meal time. 

My mom asks a seamstress to go to our house, me and RJ are on vacation here in the province, whenever she needs to have something sewed. We have a sewing machine here because my grandmother, bless her soul, used to be a seamstress. 

kitchen chair cushions

My mom bought new fabrics a few days back. The seamstress, Nana C, was called to sew curtains, chair covers and to alter some clothes. If I only knew she’s working here today, I would have bought some fabrics and have her make kitchen chair cushions similar with the one that I saw online.

I’ll go with my mom next time she visit the store where she buys her fabrics. I have to buy the materials, needed to make the cushions, so that I’m ready next time my mom calls Nana C to sew some things for her.


Liquid Roof said...

That cushions are really like that i want simple and neat, can you please tell they are available at amazon.com or not?

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