16 May, 2011

how to remove the comment box on a wordpress page

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remove the comment box on a wordpress blog page.
1. Once logged in to your admin dashboard, click Pages.
2. Hover on the particular page that you want to edit.
3. Click the Quick Edit option.
4. Make sure the Allow Comments option is unchecked.
5. Click Update.


Check your blog. The page that you edited should not have a comment box anymore. If it still does, you must have not clicked the blue Update button.


Soulful said...

hmmmm.. so helpful. do you always post something like this? i think i need to bookmark your site, lol!

rjs mama said...

@sis soulful, I'm a new WP blogger and I try to post everything that I learn here. Simple step by step tutorials to help newbies like me

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