26 January, 2011

Girl Talk #10

 Life is like a box of chocolates, you'll never know what you'll gonna get. ~ Forrest Gump
So true. Very true indeed. Never did I imagine, even in my wildest dreams, that some of the things that happened in my life will ever happen. I have resolved, talked and convinced myself last New Year's eve, to accept everything that comes my way from this year onwards *fingers crossed*.
box assorted colorful chocolates

I am bracing myself for more surprises. Bring it on!

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lyzacruz88 said...

yummy chocolates...may all the best continue to come your way :)

imriz said...

accepting everything as it is, may bring us the happiness we craved all along. good luck.

i had few boxes of chocos last december,i aint got anything...naubusan ako:(

Miranda said...

I love that quote too! And I love chocolate sampler boxes, that's why I think it's so cute.

Good attitude toward life, "bring it on!" Cheers to you!

Me: http://miratemplen.blogspot.com/2011/01/girls-talk-other-intentions-for-2011.html

Legal-Babe said...

Short, simple and sweet entry.
As human, we always complain about life in general and about what comes our way. I hope you succeed in keeping with your resolutions! Good luck! (:


rjs mama said...

@lyza and imriz, thanks sisses (:

@miranda, love the quote and the movie as well.

@legal-babe, thank you and goodluck with your resolutions also =)

Rossel said...

sometimes it is better not to have resolutions that to have them yet break them. come what may, what may as they say.
mine is here...
happy gt!

simply kim said...

Amen to that! Life is simply full of surprises. Get excited everyday!

Anonymous said...

well i guess we have no choice but to accept things that come to our life, such is reality. i guess the key is accepting it with positivity, and learning how to cope with a smile :)

peppermayo said...

short but sweet (like that box of Godiva! *drool*)

rjs mama said...

@rossel, just like promises, people do tend to break their resolutions

@kim, we may have our ups and downs but life in general is indeed exciting!

@k, very well said sis =)

@peppermayo, yummy dark chocolates no sis =D

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