03 September, 2010

a must in every house

Everyone's home should be child-proofed even when a child is yet to be born. A toddler touches and plays with anything and everything. I thought our house was child-proofed already. Not until I got into an accident. My craft materials were kept in a place that RJ can't reach or even see. But I can reach it.

I was using a box cutter one day and at the same time telling RJ not to go near me. The second I lost concentration of what I was doing, the cutter cut the top of my thumb. I only felt the pain when I saw lots of blood gushing out of the deep wound. I panicked and shouted at my sister to help me. Thank God my sister, a registered nurse, was so calm and patient with me.

Specially designed safety cutter for precisely removing cardboard box tops
which includes a revolutionaly EDGE GUIDE that allows for precise cuts along the box edge.
A must in every home? Don't just child-proof your house, make it "accident-proof" for everyone.


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