03 September, 2010

birthday present

Samsung 3D
My birthday is just around the corner, Saturday of next week. I already made my birthday wishlist a few weeks back. But last night, I changed the top slot on my birthday wish. I was ready-for-battle when I turned on my laptop yesterday. I had a mission that I vowed to accomplish - search for an interesting topic to write on my blog. I was wasting my time, for almost an hour, hopping from one site to another. Until I reached a website that made my day.

I have been wanting to replace our 10-year old television set. And when I saw Samsung 3D HDTV, that want turned into I-want-it-right-this-minute! So yes, this is officially my #1 wish for my birthday this year.


Clarissa said...

Hope your wishes will all come true!Happy Birthday,Rj's Mom!

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