08 July, 2010

spare keys?

Don't even think about it. Don't ever give spare keys to your maid! I didn't fully trust the stay-out maid I hired a month ago. Although I wasn't using my head when I gave her an advance salary, I am glad I didn't give her spare keys to our house. She's a stay-out maid and she lives a few minutes away from where I live. She was referred by the maintenance man, in the building where I live, who also did the repainting of my house. That's another story, my disappointment with the repainting of our house. Apparently, the saying "Birds of the same feathers, flock together" is very true.


I am right now angry and also worried at the same time. I am trying to get my money back from the maid and the carpenter for their  unfinished work.

So glad that I have double-locks installed on my door. That will keep us safe inside the house.


Mrs. Kolca said...

Nakakatakot ang story mo sis. Be careful next time and if possible, get a helper whose a distant family or family friend nalang. In that case, mas safe kasi kilala mo talaga.

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