05 July, 2010

paperback or ebook

I'll choose paperback anytime. I've tried reading ebooks, a couple of times, but it's really not for me. My eyes get watery after a page or two. I am a big fan of detective, mystery or CIA/FBI inspired stories. When I can't find a good book, after doing my weekly rounds of my favorite second-hand bookstores, I borrow my sister's Johanna Lindsey books.

John Grisham, The Brethren
currently reading

What about you, do you prefer holding a book or reading pdf files?


Golden said...

I love the feel of book on my hands, not to mention the scent of paper mixed with ink. I will choose an actual book anytime over ebook. Kaya lang dito sa office I always read ebook. Bawal kasi magbasa ng pocketbook. Pero pag sa bahay pocketbook naman ako.

John Grisham is one of my favorite authors. I believe I've read The Brethren when I was still in college.

Lots of love,

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