08 July, 2010

can you lend me some money?

That line is not new to me.

I have written a post about a friend asking for money, unashamedly. This time though, that line came out of my former maid's lips. And yes, I was so stupid to advance her salary. She was just working for a few days when she told me, "RJ's Mama, can I advance my salary for this month? I still haven't bought school things for my kids." I already gave her son the shoes and raincoat that RJ doesn't use anymore.

My heart was saying, "Awww, don't you feel sorry for her kids?". But my mind was saying, "Don't be stupid! Remember it happened a million times already with your sisters! If it's not the kids...it's the parents or the siblings!"

Because I didn't listen and wasn't using my brain at that time, I gave her full month's salary the next day.

These people, they are no different from robbers.

She didn't report to work 30th of June, she still owe me four days worth of work. Should I still try to get my money back? Or should I let it go. Apparently, she has been doing a "Runaway Maid" act a few times already. I want to teach her a lesson. But, is it worth my time?

She even turned off her cellular phone when I tried calling her. I already wrote a letter to the Building Administrator, banning her from entering the building. 

So yes, Hilda Esconde of Kapitolyo, Pasig, you are a bad person. I am sure your kids, grandkids and great-grandkids will search for their name a few years from now. They will land, hopefully, on this page and see for themselves that you are not somebody to be proud of! You even used your kids to rob money from me.


Mari said...

This is just awful. I had somewhat a similar experience that also led me to be in deep debts. It started when a flatmate borrowed money from me with tears and sobs included. I was touched and I lend her Php7000 in cold cash, she promised to pay the next month, but lo and behold she and her daughter moved to a different place and I wasn't able to contact her anymore. Since I also needed the money, and can't get it from her anymore, I in turn sought to borrow the same amount, but had a hard time paying it because of life's demands. And I regretted that day.

pinayrichmom said...

happens to me all the time too! :( ganun ata talaga dito sa mundo, maraming BAD!!! don't worry, ma-ka-karma din un!

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