26 February, 2010

where to spot celebrities

I know where to spot local celebrities, rub elbows with them (literally) while also giving your body its much needed exercise.

Where? In a track oval. I am not kidding.

A few years back, badminton was the exercise of choice for 99% of Filipinos. Am I exaggerating? But everyone I know would rather go to a badminton court everyday than sweat in a health club. I think I was the only one who was not into it. I would rather do aerobics in the house.

But now goodbye badminton. Hello running!

what to do in a track oval? play DSi

It looks like people are into running these days. Marathons are being organized left and right.

I have seen local celebrities doing their laps. Richard Gutierrez, Raymond Gutierrez, Michael De Mesa, Drew Arellano, Rovilson Fernandez to name a few.

Why don't you head on to a track oval near you, to exercise and maybe you'll see your favorite celeb there.


Cecile said...

hmmm, galing naman...swerte kayo dyan, dear :-)

Mrs. Kolca said...

wow cool! sa up ba yan sis?

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