27 February, 2010

my sisters are all addicts

And sad to say, my dad as well.

They are all addicted to facebook.

facebook, facebook logo

I have my proof. I discreetly took my sister's picture while she was checking her facebook account and eating lunch at the same time. She can't even turn off the computer for her to eat lunch! Funny and alarming at the same time.

facebook, addict, certified facebook addict

I should show them this list, better find out now if they need facebook detoxification.

10 signs you’re a Facebook addict:

1. You spend more time thinking about the content of your next status post then you do about your work.
2. You walk by someone and physically “poke” them and it doesn’t phase you or them.
3. You were up until 2 a.m. waiting for your international friends to update their statuses.
4. You make your grocery list based on what others are eating from their status updates.
5. You feel important because you have been invited to become a “fan” of 200 pages in one week.
6. You spend the weekend weeding your garden…in FarmVille…and afterward feel tired, like you have actually completed manual labor.
7. You feel like you went on vacation with your friend because you followed their status updates and pictures and see no reason why you would actually need to go on a vacation.
8. You don’t decline any request to join a group as you think this is building community.
9. Instead of leaving a sticky note on your boss’ desk, you just write on his office wall.
10. The number of comments you receive on a status update determines if you feel popular or not.


♥Willa♥ said...

I'm done with my addiciton at FB games, although there's still two games that I play from time to time but I don't spend my day anymore planting,harvesting and visiting friends.It's fun for a while but I got bored later on for doing the same thing over and over.

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