07 January, 2010

Girl Talk #3: Harvey

His name is Harvey, my first crush. Up to now, after 20++ years, we still haven't met personally. But still he was my first...crush.

I have a diary, all for purposes of writing down sightings of Harvey. I don't have it anymore, sadly, I could have posted excerpts of notes I have jotted down. My note's -- it's usually like this, "I have seen Harvey today, on my way home from school. He is surrounded by chickens. He looks sooo cute feeding them." Or "Seen Harvey at 330 pm, he is driving his yellow jeepney".

Memories. Wish I can be a teenager again.

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r u s s said...

Aww. That's sooo cute :)
You kept a diary that has stuff about him. Have my post here.

LingLing said...

I totally was writing notes about my crush in my diary too :DDD Hahahaha, how embarassing, right? :)

sheng said...

u're right dear! wish i can be a teenager too again....so i can experience the same wonderful feeling when i had my first crush....

pehpot said...

ang cute naman haha.. sarap ng maging teen ager ulit.. at di pa uso blog nun..

Make or Break

K said...

ay oo. sarap maging teenager uli. sayang naman nawala na yung diary mo na un. naku puro harvey siguro name na lumalabas dun. hihi..

btw, here's my entry. :)

nikogirl said...

i kept a diary for 'crush' purposes too hahaha .. kakilig.. baket di pa rin kau nagmit personally??? hmmmm grabe 20++++ years na?? and u still remember everything.. galing ng memory mo girl! :)

thanks for joining GT this week ha.. see u next GT.. first date naman.. ready ka naba?? ako hindeeeee haahaha

Ria said...

the memories of yesteryears.... intriga na ako sa next topic natin sa GT... hayyyyy

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