20 January, 2010

american embassy, why are you so cruel to my friend?

My friend J is heartbroken because her father died. All of J's family are now based in the USA and Canada. She is all alone here in the Philippines. She won't be able to see her dad for the last time because she wasn't given a tourist visa by the American embassy. This is the third time she applied for one. She wasn't planning to apply anymore but, when her dad was fighting for his life, she wanted to be with her dad and the rest of the family.

Year 2001, about 9 years ago, her dad had a heart transplant. The first time she applied for a tourist visa, and also the first time the US embassy denied her one. The consul's reason was J didn't provide enough reason for them to believe that she will come back to the Philippines before her tourist visa expires. Good thing the heart transplant was successful.

Second time that she applied, she just wants to spend time with her family. A lot cheaper for her to go there than for all the rest of the family to join her here for a vacation. She presented the embassy with her bank accounts, land titles, employer's certificate and other assets. Again, they denied her application.

Two weeks ago, her dad had colds and cough. He became so weak and he wasn't cooperating with his doctor's anymore. The medication and the tubes inserted in his body were so painful for him already. J tried to apply for a tourist visa. But it was too late to hug her dad alive for the last time. Before her scheduled interview, her dad died. She heard his last breath on the phone.

This tuesday, January 19, she arrived very early for her morning interview in the US embassy. She was very hopeful that maybe she can still hug her dad for the very last time. Her family decided to wait for J before cremating her dad. She went home with a heavy and bleeding heart, she didn't get a tourist visa.

Why is the american embassy so CRUEL to my friend. She just wanted to grieve with her family, a two day visa was enough for her. She doesn't even care if embassy people escort her 24/7, pick her up and bring her to the airport, even put a leash on her for all she care. She doesn't have any intentions of staying there. She recently got promoted again and she can have a luxurious life here.

All she wanted was to see her dad, for the last time.


ruby said...

ohh that is so sad.. im so sorry for your friends loss..

Badet said...

That's cruel nga. I remember my aunt, she was denied twice too. Is your friend still single? Maybe that's the reason why she's denied coz yan din reason nila sa aunt ko. Parang hindi fair no?

Anonymous said...

wow! that is just so sad! and I am sorry for her loss ;( maybe the US Embassy are being more strict now because of the T&T cases they are handling, most of them are just going to the US to find a man or woman to marry, so they can stay in the U.S legally, sorry but it's true. and the other thing they are protecting is, what if something bad happened to a pinoy while in the U.S?they are not gonna get benefits, and it's recession in the states right now plus the threat of terrorism.

another thing is, even if you provide all the papers they need, sometimes they just don't believe it. there are a lot of cases where people borrow "show money" and when U.S embassy do background check, sometimes it just doesn't add up.

She should've gone to Atty Gurfinkel, he helps a lot of pinoy who's having problems with and in getting U.S visa. I've heard from news before that singer-actress Carol Banawa and family had been denied numerous times to go the U.S and this is for medical reasons also, they asked for Atty Gurkinfel's help and now I think they're in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

I know the intention of your friend is for her dad and her family, they should've given her the last chance to be with her dad.

Mrs. Kolca said...

that is so bad.. so bad of the US embassy!

Phoebe said...

Minsan ginagawa na nilang negosyo yan. like they just accept/reject depending on their mood eh.

Phoebe R.

hope said...

so sad....anyways, we have a saying when God closes the door, somehow He opens the windows.

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