20 January, 2010

what? you didn't fix the bathroom sink?

We are renting a condominium unit for six months because we have a problem with the unit that we bought in another condominium. The owner though didn't fix the glass sink in the bathroom. A week before moving in, I already noticed the leak. The unit owner promised to have it fixed and have all the other glass sinks checked as well. I called her a few days before we moved in and she said that everything in the unit is working well. She hired a plumber and electrician to fix everything that needs to be fixed. She asked her housemaid to clean the unit from ceiling, cabinets and have the floor mopped with disinfectant. She even removed the carpet because I told her that my son is asthmatic.

Fast forward to the present, I noticed that the glass vessel sink is leaking again. She should have bought a replacement glass sink from MR Direct Sinks because they have superior quality product at an affordable price.

I hope she replace the broken sinks as soon as possible.


Andry said...

Spacify offer a wide selection of Bathroom Sinks for your new bathroom in a modern way.

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