20 January, 2010

until when should a mother protect his child?

Are you going to protect your child if he is a criminal? Are you going to hide your child in a safe place if there's a warrant of arrest because of illegal possession of firearms and murder? That's what Marlene Aguilar did. She is the mother of road-rage killing suspect Jason Ivler.

Ivler exchanged gunfire when agents of the National Bureau of Investigation, the Philippine equivalent of the FBI, raided their house early morning of January 18. They have already raided the house twice before but never found him. He shot two NBI agents but he sustained gunshot wounds to the right shoulder and left upper abdomen.

He was able to elude arrest when their house was raided before because of his mother. The mother is now facing charges as well. Is this how a mother should protect her child? Is this the right way to show a mother's love to her child?


zoan said...

hmmm.. isa din akong ina, pero hindi ko gagawin ang ginawa nya. dahil sa mata ng Diyos at ng tao ay maling-mali ang ginawa ng anak niya.

napakalaking kasalanan sa Batas ng Diyos at Batas ng tao ang kanyang nilabag,sana naman matuto tayong mga pinoy mgpahalaga sa ating mga ginagawa.

Kristin said...

Ughh. I can't even imagine being put in that position. I pray my kiddo plays it straight and narrow!

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