24 September, 2009

very confusing PLDT bill

I am so annoyed when I received the statement of account from PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company) this month. They even included a flyer stating that they made their new billing platform easier to understand and more detailed. NOT!

The sample in the flyer is sooo different from the phone bill that I received. Yes, it is different from last month's but it is also different from the new billing platform that they showed on the flyer. The sample phone bill on their website was so not the same with the bills that I have been receiving for the past year.

PLDT, I think you are trying to confuse us more because there are a lot of hidden charges that you add on our bills.

I called PLDT hotline 171 this afternoon. The agent who answered doesn't even know how to answer my questions. He asked me to hold the line because he still needs to research it. I waited for around 10 minutes! I had to hang up the phone already because I had to pick up my son already.

Their customer service hotline is open from 8am-6pm, are they not supposed to be open 24/7? I will call again tomorrow. I will make sure to ask for the agent's name.


fan said...

Smart is not doing much better it seems
SMART Billing Sucks
from indexphilippinecommunication.blogspot.com
and smartphilippines.wordpress.com

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