23 September, 2009

do you have a bookshelf like mine?

Yes, this is my bookshelf. I know, I need to buy a bigger one. It is so crowded, books are spilling all over the place already. But our condominium unit can't accommodate another furniture. I did bring some books to our other house, but I still have lots of books on this shelf (some I haven't read yet). I do share this bookshelf with my son. His books are on the last two rows of the shelf.

I collect different kinds of books. From classic (what my younger sister calls "boring books") to inspirational, I even have joke books in my collection. When I was in my teens I do collect romance novels, but I do not like reading those now. My favorite authors right now? James Patterson, Michael Crichton, some Oprah's bookclub books.

What about you, do you have an organized bookshelf or a bookshelf like mine? Share your photos here people, let's judge who can beat mine!


FaYe said...

we don't have bookshelf here. we did have when we were in the phils. but that was organized not like yours.LOL.i am a little bit organized.like in my blog, i don't put things which don't fit in my blog.everything i put has its purpose.
set 30 minutes to arrange those books and good luck!

Chris said...

we do have a bookshelf like yours... i think we need another bookshelf already!

Yannie said...

We do have. Most of the books are self-help books and inspirational books...

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