24 September, 2009

friday fill-ins #5

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1. One week ago I was craving for dark chocolates.

2. I think I was smarter when I was young.

3. Mama told me not to miss thanking God for all the blessings he's been giving me all these years.

4. We'll always be happy, you and me.

5. Take your time in reading a book, skipping pages might make you miss the good parts.

6. This too will pass!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to playing with my son, tomorrow my plans include doing the laundry and Sunday, I want to go to church!


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

Nice post. Yep. We should be thankful for all our blessings. God bless ^_^

Joanne MV said...

I agree with #3. TGIF! I played as well -> http://www.joannemv.com

Mar said...

I am always craving dark chocolate!!
Enjoy your weekend!

Aimie said...

Dark chocolate...yummy! I am sooooo with you there!

Have a great weekend!

Tammy said...

Yeah!! Dark chocolate. It's good for ya too. I like your number 4. Very positive. Have a good weekend.

Yami said...

I like your list here especially number 3. :)

Marie said...

I crave dark chocolate all the time -- I have a major addiction to the stuff :-) I'm always trying out new dark chocolate candy bars looking for that elusive perfect one :-)

kikamz said...

love the number 5 answer mommy. you'll never know what's written if you skipped that page!

btw, thanks for the well wishes. sam is feeling better now. hugs!

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