05 October, 2012

Please Fasten Your Seatbelt

I'm a regular taxi customer. I ride a taxi everyday. I've been doing that for the past 8 years, eversince my son started going to school.

The lack of seatbelts on the backseat of taxi cabs in Manila really bothers me. Some have seatbelts but the locks are incognito. I've asked a number of drivers about this problem and they themselves can't give me a clear enough answer. Even new taxis don't have seatbelts. Do the owners purposely remove it, the seatbelts and locks, or do they get manufactured like that?


I did ride a few that has one. But with less than 10 taxis that has, in proportion with the hundreds that I've used in 8 years? That is a bothersome number, right? Manila taxi drivers are even famous for their reckless driving. I worry a lot when my son is with me. Some taxis even smell of cigars, which in itself is worthy of a separate complaint post.

I don't remember if cabs in the US, or in other countries, have seatbelts. Drivers there don't drive as recklessly. That may be the reason why I didn’t notice if there were seatbelts or not. 

Our law makers should look into this because this is as risky as riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.


Pepper Tan said...

Thanks for bringing this up. I also used to be a frequent taxi rider, but have never noticed the lack of backseat seatbelts. Yes, we should always put our safety at the forefront. Better safe than sorry.

Zoan said...

We dont ride taxis because we dont have them here. We only have single motors as a way of transportation. I think they are purposely removed.

Tetcha Figuerres said...

You're right, all taxis should have seat belts at the backseat, too, for the safety of their passengers. Taxis smelling of cigars, argh, I hate those also.

musings of a working mom said...

i guess seatbelts are really important even for back seats because of the many incidents that are happening in the metro

Les said...

I am guilty of not using seatbelt religiously..our youngest boy would often remind us to wear our seatbelts everytime we drive.

peachkins said...

I hardly notice the seatbelts at the back of taxis because usually when we take one, there are 2 adults and kids sitting at the back.

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