14 October, 2012

Goal: To Stay Young Looking Always, Hopefully

There's no denying the fact that getting old is inevitable. I don't look old, yet, and I feel younger than my age. But that doesn't mean that I should neglect taking care of myself. I take care of my inner body by eating the right amount of food, exercising and being happy. I take care of my outer body by keeping it clean, healthy and young looking.

How do I keep it clean?
  • Mild or Hypoallergenic Soap - This type of soaps are mild and doesn’t contain strong chemicals that can harm a sensitive skin.
  • Mild or Hypoallergenic Cleanser - This usually has no fragrances, artificial preservatives or coloring agents thus very appropriate for delicate skin.
  • Exfoliant - Exfoliating removes dead skin cells on the skin’s outer layer. It is very important to do this at least twice a week to make skin clean and healthy.
  • Toner - This is a very important product that cleans the dirt that wasn’t removed by using soap and cleanser. It also reduces the size and appearance of pores.
How do I keep it healthy?
  • Facial Serum - Serum gives added moisture and nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin that a moisturizer can’t penetrate. This should be applied before moisturizer application.
  • Moisturizer - This gives hydration and moisture to the skin.
  • Lotion - This product re-hydrates, soften and makes the skin smoother.
  • Face Mask - There are different types of face mask (e.g. Anti-aging, hydrating, Whitening). Each type has its own active ingredient that helps keep the face healthy.
How do I keep it young looking?
I don't need cheek augmentation because I was gifted with high cheek bones. I don’t have sagging skin yet and hopefully won’t have in the next 50 more years. But I do need a few help for non-invasive treatments from a certified dermatologist once in a while. A good starting point, if you haven’t done it yet but thinks that now is the right time to do it, is do research first. The Victorian Cosmetic Institute’s website is a very good website that has complete information on procedures that can help you stay young looking. The site is very easy to navigate, even a newbie in computer and internet use won’t have a problem navigating it.

The Victorian Cosmetic Institute

Here are a few procedures that I’ve done and planning to do in the future.
  • Chemical Peels - This procedure regenerates and resurfaces the skin.
  • Microdermabrasion - This removes dirt that wasn’t removed by regular exfoliation. It actually deeply exfoliates the skin.
If you have been doing nothing to make your outer body clean, healthy and young looking, it’s not too late, you can start right about now.


Franc Ramon said...

Having the right amount of sleep and a healthy lifestyle can also make you feel young.

Sassy Chick said...

I would love to stay "forever young" too...I guess we all do...Like you, I also make sure I take care of my self in order to keep looking and feeling young and healthy.

nuts said...

I don't really give much attention to my skin but I think at my age, I need to give myself extra pampering or skin care.

riz said...

growing older? that's my current mood for quite sometimes now :(
but, definitely i try to fill the lines with a very positive attitude :)

Rossel said...

To stay young and good looking is every woman's dream. I'm grateful that there are products out there that delay (if not prevent)aging.

YANI said...

Everybody wants to look young and feel young. I firmly believe it is all about discipline and fine outlook in life :)

Zoan said...

Thanks for these tips;) this is quite helpful..

Tetcha Figuerres said...

Enough sleep and lots of water, they say, help keep the skin young-looking. I need to have both right now to avoid looking old.

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