22 September, 2012

traffic on a saturday afternoon

I'm right now caught in traffic, in the Greenhills area, running very late in picking up my son from school. Yes, they have school this Saturday to make-up for the more than a week without classes last month due to typhoons.


I don’t know if La Salle has school also. So I'm right now at the edge of my seat, very stressed, worrying the school bus might leave without us. I just hope the delivery van in front of us go faster than the turtle-speed that it's doing right now.

I thought there won’t be any traffic here during weekends. I will never use this way again, even on a Saturday.


jared's mum said...

jared's dad really hate the saturday afternoon traffic so we'd almost always opt to commute especially if going in far off places other than be stuck in the traffic for hours on end

peachkins said...

Thanks for the tip..won't be using that road on a saturday!

Teresa Martinez said...

It is horrific to be caught in traffic especially with two restless children like what happened to me.

zoan said...

I hate traffics. Buti nalang we dont have to experience that here in Bukidnon;)

Tetcha Figuerres said...

Traffic is everywhere, especially now that the -BER months are here. If only something can be done about it, then everyone's lives would be so much better.

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