12 September, 2012

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

kim_kardashian Kim Kardashian will never be my definition of sexy. Guys may love her curves but I think her "behind" is so huge it doesn't look normal for a human being to have! Nor will she ever be part of my Loveliest Locks list, even if her hairdresser use the most expensive and high-tech texturizing shears.

Angelina's lips is envied by women, but not me. Same sentiments I have with Kim K's behind, too huge. But I do envy her toned body on Tomb Raider.

But no matter what I say here, these two ladies will always be the loveliest in the eyes of Kanye West and Brad Pitt so I rest my case.


Momee Gee said...

hahaha nice one sis! yeah i agree, Kim's front .. na ahh but angelina's pout-y lips... i envy her lips so much!

Zoan said...

Hahaha okay i love this post;) i dont like kim kardashian no matter what kanye west say. But i do love angelina's lips because we have the same lips lol

Zoan said...

I love angelina's lips heheh i dont like kim kardashian though

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