03 June, 2012

UP and others

Yes! Magazine cover, June 2012I’m sorry if you’re not happy reading my post title. But I’m a proud UP (University of the Philippines) Alumni, I have a lot to thank UP for. It’s just my opinion so just let it go, it’s just a title, do read on.

My mom is a Yes! Magazine collector. She collects it because she loves looking at celebrity homes and getting ideas on what she can still renovate in the house. Ah, her life I envy! Her only problem now is what to do with her monthly pension.

So I was reading her latest issue, June 2012, of Yes! Magazine and can’t agree more with what Chico (the other half of the Chico and Delamar duo) said* because I feel the exact same way. (* - boxed in red on the image below)

Chico of the Chico and Delamar tandem, UP AlumniI was shy before UP. I never voiced out my opinion for fear of making a mistake and getting laughed at. I was never bullied though like Chico.
I didn’t have a lot of friends in high school. The close friends that I had in first year, I had to “unfriend”. There was this one girl who declared herself the group’s leader. Not verbally but she acted it. And everyone in our group always follow her lead. If she wants to sit under a tree, they sit under a tree. If she wants to go to the library, they all go with her to the library.

I didn’t want to be part of any of that so I stopped hanging out with them. I go straight home after school. I’d rather read a book or hang out with my boardmates than be bullied by Mary Lord. Yes, that’s her real name.

But in UP, there were no bullies. I found my confidence in UP.

Everyone treated everyone equal. Mary Lord’s will never exist there. And I found friends who are still my friends up to now, 19 years after.
Thank you UP!


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