11 June, 2012

Could not connect to website

I never encountered a downtime with the server where all my seven blogs were hosted. Not until two weeks ago, when my web host transferred all my blogs to a new server. I and the other people who have blogs hosted on that server never questioned her decision. We just assumed that she’s doing that for the betterment of our blogs. I’m not sure if she has backups just in case something happen during the transfer. As I’ve said I never had any problem with the hosting and I truly trust the hosting administrator.

After the transfer, I wasn’t able to access my blogs and even my hosting account cpanel. Seven days, I just waited because the hosting admin said that it probably is still propagating. I kept emailing and sending messages on facebook and on her cellular phone everyday to tell her that my blogs are not working still. On the fourth or fifth day I just get tired and just opted to wait because she keeps on giving me the same answer. Although in some forums and hosting FAQ pages, it says that propagation time is 48 hours maximum.

I got so anxious on the seventh day because I had blog tasks that already expired. I contacted her again and she said that my blogs are online on her side. My sister suggested that I access the blog using a proxy server. It worked.


Today, I again can’t access my blogs. Some other people hosted on the same server can’t access theirs also. The blog takes so much time to load, just stops and gives up loading and show this message. Using the proxy server doesn’t work also.

The problem most probably is with the server hosting my blog. I’m depressed since I have tasks expiring tomorrow. Tasks has expired on me during the seven days that I waited for the supposed to be propagation. As much as I want to understand the administrator, I also have a reputation to uphold to my clients. And I lose money each time a task expires.
What do you think should I do?


levy said...

"opting out is always an option"

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