10 March, 2012

Motorcycle Lane

Just this morning, I witnessed 2 Jollibee delivery motorcycles racing each other. So irresponsible. And that even happened in front of my son's school. Good thing it was not dismissal time yet, students are still inde the classroom.

The government should look more into the growing problem of irresponsible motorcycle riders. Government officials can't make an excuse that they have to learn more about the problem because it can be seen on the road everywhere. Even minor roads ought to have motorcycle lanes to secure the safety of everyone, motorists and pedestrians alike.

A motorcycle is supposed to be treated as one vehicle. It shouldn't behave like its an invisible vehicle that can just pass through between two vehicles or use the sidewalk when it wants to avoid traffic.

A law about the proper, safe behavior of motorcycle riders should be implemented. If there is one already, then what's keeping them from reprimanding the law breakers?


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