09 March, 2012

Can someone please invent a pollution repellant

Metro Manila is such a polluted city and I am not a happy camper. I've talked about this on previous posts (probably a million and one times already) and inhaling pollution each time I go out of the house is not something that I'll ever get used to. And yes, I'm worried that my son has been inhaling such unclean air for the past 10 years of his young life.


The country has produced a lot of intelligent brains but why hasn't anyone thought of something that will help prevent the body from taking in polluted air. Pollution can't really be eradicated with the huge population (most are irresponsible citizens who contribute a lot in worsening the pollution problem).

A mask like Darth Vader's won't look fashionable at all even in pink. A mask will certainly look funny if everyone is wearing it. Can someone please invent something that can help repel pollution from entering the body or at least one that will make the air, we inhale in, clean as soon as it enters the nose? I think it’s possible, really.


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