23 January, 2012

Willie Revillame, good person?

I have a friend who works at TV5. He's with the TV5 Kapatid Foundation team. He posted on Facebook, a few weeks back, that Willie Revillame is in CDO and is apparently giving away 2 million pesos to flood victims. That's his status, that's his wall, he's entitled to idolize and be amazed with Willie. I can't help but leave a comment though. He of all people should know, that money didn't come out of Willie's own pocket. But the way he wrote it, he's giving the impression that the 2 million is from Willie's personal fund.

Wil Time Big Time Willie Revillame

I was doubly amazed how there were a lot of comments applauding Willie's generosity. Oh well, that’s how Pinoy's are, so fond of idolizing the wrong people?


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