24 January, 2012

twitter apps that i love

I use different twitter applications on my iPod Touch. I rarely use it for tweeting new blog posts because Windows Live Writer does the job for me. It automatically tweets newly published posts, complete with hashtag (like if my blog post is about the PSEi, #PSEi is included on the tweet) and url link to the post. Will explain further on a different blog post. So back to the twitter apps that I usually use...

I love echofon, I get to stalk conversations of other tweeps. And it automatically gives notifications of new mentions and DM's, no need to open the application first. Good search results also for users and @ mentions. Easy editing of following lists.

UberSocial is another favorite. Because one: it has twitlonger and two: the Uber Channels.

twitbird twitter application 
My newly downloaded iPod twitter application is TwitBird. Twitlonger, emoji, url shortener, hashtag search, and it can fetch and post the music on your ipod's song list and whatever music is currently on. And lots of other apps on this awesome app!

They say twitbot is the best twitter app there is. But it's a paid app, I'm not that into twitter, so not the app for me.

What twitter application do you usually use? Any favorites?


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