19 November, 2011

Business Ideas for Christmas 2011

Christmas is a season of joy. But it is also a season of too much spending. So how can we solve the problem of going broke after the holidays? Think of money making ideas this Christmas season.

merry christmas

Here are some that you might want to try:

1. gift basket - Busy professionals does not have the time to go shopping for gifts. Take advantage of that and market this business to friends and family.
2. craft ornaments - Make unique crafts that can be used to decorate a home for a more Christmas-sy feel.
3. food catering services - Big families plan big parties. If you have the cooking skills and the ability to handle pressure, this business is for you.
4. car check-up - Families gather together during Christmas. Some people often travel long distance to be with their family. Car check-up and tune-up’s are necessary for this long travel. You can market your services to those on a tight budget.
5. freight forwarding - For the gifts to arrive at the right place, at the right time.
6. money lending - You can help, and earn a few, friends and family members who are on a tight budget.
7. event hosting - Not a shy person? Use that skill.
8. photo and video coverage - Have a high-end camera, offer to be the official photographer and videographer on family gatherings. You can partner this with #3 and #7 and earn more.
9. gift wrapping service - Give your services to people who doesn’t have the time to wrap their gifts.
10. venue leasing - Do you have a garden huge enough for family gathering, lease it this holiday season.
Happy Holidays and Good luck!


bechay said...

good ideas! May I re-post it sis?

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