14 August, 2011

MMT #12 - Mom-ME Time, 14 August 2011

Happy Sunday everyone!

I had a very stressful weekend. Why? I had to help my son review for his quarterly exams scheduled this coming Tuesday to Friday. But before the “stressful” weekend, I had my alone time Friday afternoon while my son was with his Chinese tutor.


My ME-time was doing a week’s pile of laundry. My companion while doing the laundry - my IPod shuffle. I bought this IPod shuffle with the purpose of distracting myself from getting tired while running. No, not during a fun run - that’s dangerous. Running in a track oval. I haven’t been running lately but it’s been put to good use by distracting me from getting mad while scrubbing RJ’s dirty school uniform.

Now I enjoy doing the laundry because of my Ipod shuffle. I now consider laundry day as a fun way to have my ME-time.
Mom-ME time


Joy Mendiola said...

Hi Mommy! I missed joining your meme, di ako lagi umaabot sa link..please do remind me ha...plus was busy din with my kiddos exams for 2 weeks!

anne said...

I sometimes listen to music when cleaning the house. :) mine is up already I hope you can check thanks.

raya said...

wow sosyal ng laundry time mo mommy.. heheh joining this week! ;)

darly said...

i too listen in my ipod whenever i go for my morning runs, keeps me focused

Have a great week ahead, hope you visit my entry too

Rossel said...

wow pati laundry Mom-me time na rin. i'm sure kumakanta-kanta ka pa sis habang naglalaba. :)

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