16 August, 2011

Do you reward your child for a job well done

When my son was in preschool, he get stars and happy grams. I was confident that it’s not the star that’s motivating him to do well in class. He’s very smart and has lots of ideas that he wants to share and inquire about. The star, that he gets everyday, is just an added bonus. 

I don’t believe in giving material things as a reward whenever my son does something good.  I don’t want him to do his responsibilities just because he’ll get something that he cannot keep forever anyway. I don’t want him to tell me one day, “ Mama, buy me an ATV so that I’ll be a caring and responsible person.” 


Whenever he does well in school, I just say “You’re really very smart, I’m so proud of you.”  When he obey our house rule, I give him a hug and a kiss. Those rewards will stay in his heart forever.

What about you, do you reward your child with material things or with loving praises?


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