14 May, 2011

welcome back blogger

Bloggers from all over the world were in total panic for the last couple of days.

Why can't I log in my Blogger account?

My blog is all messed up!

That's what bloggers, who use the Blogger blog-publishing service, have been posting on their Facebook wall.

At 7:46 PM PST of May 13, Blogger has been partially restored. Read Eddie Kessler's, Tech Lead/Manager of Blogger, full update at Blogger Buzz.


Pink MagaLine said...

Kaloka ang incident na'to. First time in my blogging career na nangyari. Hope it won't happen again.

Visiting u back dear. Happy Weekend!

MissKatv said...

maybe because it's friday the 13th. LOL. I didn't go online that day coz I'm celebrating my birthday but I'm a little disappointed with blogger coz It messed up my latest post and theme customization. :/ oh, Nice blog deary. :D BTW. I'm having my birthday giveaway.
You can check it here:
Misskatv's Birthday Giveaway!

Kat :)

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